Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabidiol API (CBD)





Cannabidiol (CBD) API

CBD Isolate is a pure, crystalline, flavorless pharmaceutical grade powder that is 99+% pure CBD. All of the hemp plant matter is removed from the isolate, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more, resulting in CBD powder that is nearly chemically pure. That degree of purity makes it extremely easy to dose accurately. Since it is flavorless, it can be easily introduced into products without altering the flavor profile.

  • US DMF# 37727
  • Fully validated Pharmaceutical analytical test methods
  • Specifications comply with ICH requirements for Pharmaceutical API
  • THC limits very low – below Limit of Quantification/Detection LOQ/LOD
  • API on ICH GMP stability program
  • Technical Information Package (TIP) available to customers
  • Samples available to customers

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CBD Specifications

CAS Number 13956-29-1
Molecular Formula C21H30O2
Molecular Weight 314.46 g/mol
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