Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabidiol API (CBD)

GVB Biopharma, a 22nd Century Group Company, is a large scale Commercial manufacturer of Hemp derived Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) APIs).

The 2022 submission of the US Cannabidiol (CBD) Drug Master File (DMF37727) demonstrates GVB’s continuing commitment to supplying high quality pharmaceutical grade Cannabinoid APIs to the pharmaceutical industry and OTC markets.

GVB Pharma’s ICH Q7 compliance quality infrastructure ensures that our customers consistently receive API that meets pharmaceutical API quality and regulatory standards.

Process Flow Path - Hemp extraction and isolation to highly purified APIs

GVB extracts cannabinoids from hemp using a proprietary cryogenic extraction process that allows us to specifically target only the valuable components of the hemp plant, while leaving behind the undesirable water-soluble elements.
After extraction, GVB's ultrahigh-quality crude is sent through GVB's custom designed and fabricated short-path distillation system. This method enhances potency and clarity in the course of producing a honey-colored, broad-spectrum distillate.
thc removal
THC Removal / CBD Isolate Processing
The distillate is sent through GVB's proprietary THC removal processes to ensure compliance with federal regulations, or then converted into 99%+ pure CBD isolate.
isolation method
CBD and CBG Processing
GVB utilizes a similar method to process CBG isolate and distillate. This method differs mainly in the hemp used, which is naturally high in CBG.